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Written by member Carl DeVries

So I've been getting familiar with this cool little truck by ECX this weekend.

I took her out for its maiden trip yesterday with the Chi-Town RC Crawlers at Swallow Cliff.

Box stock mostly with exception of tires (the stock tires were so nice, I mounted them on my cabover build immediately as they are scale 1.9 Falken) and New Bright Chevy Silverado body.  It also has nice CVD axles, however the pins can will work themselves out if you don't address them.  I checked mine and sure enough the pin was working itself out.  After some thought I discovered a very simple and cheap fix,  wrap them tightly with shrink-wrap and the problem is solved!

So after about 30 minutes of hard trailing on the testing grounds the servo stripped.  This was expected, and appears to be manufacturer defect as from what I am reading they will gladly replace it with an updated version with steel gears.  Outside of the servo issue this 1/12 scaler did awesome on the trails.  Luckily I had my Cab-Over Tow Rig to get her out of the woods.

When I returned home I removed the stock servo and attempted to mounted a standard size Savox 0231 that I had on hand.  Unfortunately, it's too tight and binds the shocks from being able to work properly. I decided to reference the 1.9 Barrage Facebook Page (these guys are extremely helpful) and discovered there's a easy mod you can do where you simply mount the shocks outside the frame instead of the stock inside mounting.  This is a NECESSARY UPGRADE, even if you keep the stock size servo.

So, after completing the shock mount mod I played with it in my yard a bit to see how it did with the new servo.  The servo worked great however after some more backyard trailing I began to smell the dreaded burnt electronic odor.  I thought, could this possibly be the motor?  Well again, I checked the forum and found out that I should have read the owner’s manual as the motor has a break in sequence that they define.  This led me to researching possible replacements for the motor.  I discovered that the Traxxas 7575x, which sells for $10.00 on Amazon is the perfect choice.  Ordered it up and should have it tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime!

All in all, at under $200.00 for the RTR ECX Barrage I feel it’s an excellent little 1/12 Scale Crawler. I highly recommend if you want a budget minded scaler!

Available at HobbyTown St. Charles