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Pictures Courtesy of Carlos DeVries & Jeremy Griffith

In the R/C Crawler community everyone has heard the term “Scaler.”   Today we are going to show you the steps involved in building a “Scaler.”  A “Scaler” is an R/C vehicle that closely resembles a real 1:1 vehicle and will have all aspects of a real Crawler from a driver and passengers, to family pets, and all the accessories you would commonly see in an off-road vehicle like tow straps, coolers, grills, etc...

  Here are some simple steps to help you along if you’re new to the Scaler Scene.

1. Choose your platform.  It can be the Axial SCX10, SCX10 II, Trail Finder, Trail Finder 2, Vaterra Ascender, or any of the other trail trucks of your choice.


2. Once you have chosen your Scale platform it’s time to choose a body. The correct body is key to the build as it needs to be a vehicle that exists in real-life.   Most commonly used are the Jeep Rubicon, D-90, Ford F-series trucks, Toyota Hilux, RC4WD K5 Blazer, just to name a few you can find on the market.   In addition to the body you will need to add several other pieces to make it a true Scaler.  Some of the most common items are wheel wells, Seats, Dashboards, and lighting.  With all the options on the market today for R/C LED lights this makes for a very personal and custom detail for the builder to have fun with. Axial makes a kit that works very well for the wheel wells, and if you want to save some cash and make them yourself consider using Tupperware containers and cut them to fit.   The scale detail is endless and It all depends on how far you want to take it.


3.  Once you have your truck and have chosen the body it’s time to accessorize!  Some builders choose to make scale items and accessories themselves, which is what building a Scaler is all about. First thing to look at would be your commonly used trail accessories such as a Winch,  High Lift Jack, Tow Ropes, Tow Chains, First Aid Kit, Camping Gear in case you breakdown, Sand Ladders, Shovel, Tools, the list goes on and on but those are the key items you will find in just about all 1:1 Off-Road Rigs. 

 4. Next on the list would be your wheels and tires.  These should be a scale version of a 1:1 tire available for a real off-road vehicle. Wheels and tire size should not be oversized as they will not fit the part.  Typically, 1.55 -1.9 sized tires are ideal for building a Scaler as it keeps the look true to the eye.​


5. Lastly is the driver, passengers, and family pets.  For a 1/10 Scale Crawler, the scale size of a driver is about 6.5 to 7 inches. Some of the most commonly used figures are wrestling action figures as they measure close to the scale measurements.  Again, who you choose to put behind the wheel allows you to add your personal touch and reflect your driving style!


Take your time, enjoy the build, see the build through and go have some fun on the trail with your rig.  Don’t forget your camera as the photo ops are endless!  

These steps will help to assist you in the basics of building an awesome Scaler,  but there are many more things you can do.  It’s all up to you and your imagination so run with it and enjoy the hobby!  We suggest checking with
HobbyTown for all your Scaler Needs!

Written by Greg Holman of Chi-Town R/C Crawlers

Pictures Courtesy of Greg Holman

Pictures Courtesy of Chuck Gorecki, Manuel Perera

Pictures Courtesy of Greg Holman

Pictures Courtesy of Greg Holman

​​Scale Crawler  Build Basics